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Service Description

EMITEK® CXRM® helps companies understand their customers' needs and solve problems by better managing customer information and interactions — all on a single platform that’s always accessible from any desktop or device. Our solution is a complete, software-based, interaction management platform that helps enterprise deliver customer experiences across every channel – through a single software interface, allowing you to centralized the information for your business at the touch of a click. EMITEK® CXRM® brings all customer information together, in one place, on one platform, so informed and empowered your employees and C-Level can keep track of whats going on in the business and make quick decisions based on the information coming from the. At the same time, it minimizes the time and resource effort, providing superior customer experiences. EMITEK® CXRM® provides this advanced customer experience relationship manager interaction routing on a highly available platform that scales from 10 to hundreds of company resources. EMITEK® CXRM® is cloud-optimized with deployment options that fit varied and diverse customer business needs. We can provide EMITEK® CXRM® in a convenient cloud, on-premises, or hybrid solution. The Value of EMITEK® CXRM® EMITEK® CXRM® helps provide consistently valuable interactions coming from your SALES and COMPLIANCE TEAM with customers and prospects through capabilities that anticipate customer needs and expectations, engage their interest, and simplify and differentiate your experience at the time of following up on your meetings having the information on hand. At the same time, this key functionality helps you align resources performance with operational objectives and meet targeted business outcomes that represents money to the company. And now our platform provides you the option to screen your customers and prospects thru our Anti Money Laundering (AML) capabilities. To summarize, our solution helps you: Anticipate company needs to accomplish business targets and revenue with the ability to: Control and Increase Revenue 100% Focus on Your Business Minimize Risk Strategic Conversations and Sales Roadmap Planning Monitor 24/7/365 of your Sales Team activity effort thru the Leads and Opportunities they create within the platform Review and score sales team interactions with customers and prospects activity module Engage your sales team interest and ensure their satisfaction with: One place to handle their customers and prospects.

Contact Details

  • 9546 Calle Díaz Way, Carolina, 00984, Puerto Rico


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